Nutrition is a very confusing topic, especially when you want to lose weight relatively quickly. Tons of diets (Zone, Atkins, Ketone, Macrobiotics, Raw food, Paleo, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Cookie diet, Five-bite diet, Master cleanse) have come out promising the best body of your life in the quickest possible time. Some of which have good ideas and intentions, whilst some of which have no sound nutritional background and will definitely destroy your body in the long run.

To put this confusion to bed, a massive 68-year scientific analysis of diets looked at how very low calorie diets compared to regular eating behaviour for obese people.

The results? The study found that those who ate very low calorie were actually WORSE off than those who ate conventionally! Short-term crash dieting just doesn’t work. You may lose the weight fast, but you put it back on even faster and you come off worse in the bargain. It’s all about consistent lifestyle changes. Pick real, nutrient-dense foods, exercise frequently, and splurge on your guilty pleasures in moderation. If that means skipping that soda today, eating a little bit less at dinner or taking the stairs to your office, you’re already taking small steps to becoming your healthier, happier self.

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