Focus Athletics is a performance training facility with one goal, Total Human Optimization. We achieve this by teaching every person who walks in our doors proper Mindset, Movement, Recovery and Nutrition interventions. However, when it comes to movement or training we have 3 primary goals for our clients. 

  • Reduce their chances of injury
  • Improve their performance
  • Produce results 

And we do this through our training system which has 7 components, namely; Pillar Preparation, Movement Preparation, Medicine Ball Training, Plyometrics Training, Movement Skills Training, Strength Training, and Energy Systems Development Training. 

  • Pillar preparation is individual preparation based on individual needs and limitations. This is where we address individual differences and limitations, such as; joint restrictions, mobility restrictions, muscle imbalances, movement capacity, stability issues etc,  which in turn will help you move better and be ready for the upcoming training session. 
  • Movement Preparation is preparation based on the upcoming training session. Synonymous with a warm-up but with more attention to detail.
  • Plyometrics Training is training aimed at linking optimal strength and speed during fundamental movement patterns. This is where jumps, hops and bounds come in. This will help build a more athletic and explosive athlete.
  • Medicine Ball Training is training aimed at linking optimal strength and speed through kinetic linking with the use of a medicine ball.
  • Movement Skills Training is training based on the dominant movement demands of their environment. This is where acceleration drills, absolute speed and multidirectional movement drills come in, to help you move better on the court or on the field. 
  • Strength Training is training with resistance based on the type of strength your environment will demand of you. This is where we strengthen movement patterns to help you become a more athletic and robust athlete. 
  • Energy Systems Development training is training based on the dominant energy system that your environment will demand of you. This is where conditioning work comes in.  

Together, these 7 components will help us help each client achieve their goals. Furthermore, all 1-on-1 Performance Training sessions and all Focus Training System Classes are supervised by a coach 100% of the time, to ensure the highest quality training and to ensure the proper application of all training components.