Pio Lorenzo E. Aquino

Performance Coach

A 2-year Performance Coach who has coached with top level athletes in the fields of swimming, fencing, basketball and football. Has a BS Sport Science Major with Special Interest in football coaching through the Asian Football Confederation. 

Lorenzo Rafael F. Bernardo

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

He is known as Coach Jaako. He is currently the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of Focus Athletics Alabang over the last three years and has been working in the fitness and strength & conditioning industries for 8 years already. He has experience coaching a wide variety of clients; from general population clients; to corporate accounts, weekend warriors; to youth athletes; all the way up to professional international level athletes. He holds several certifications under his belt, namely; he is certified as a EXOS Performance Specialist by EXOS; he is a Certified Functional Strength Coach by Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning; and he is also a certified TRX Group Suspension Trainer. He believes in Total Human Optimization through lifestyle changes focused on mindset, movement, nutrition and recovery.  


Melencio Dionisio III


A 6-year veteran sports physiotherapist specializing in post-op ACL reconstruction rehab and return to play. An ACE-OPT since 2015, he is also trained in Nasara and Muscle Taping. 

Jiselle Bascos


Another 6 year veteran in sport physiotherapy holding a Philippine and US license. She also completed Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Arcadia University. She specializes in Hand therapy and Kinesio taping. 

Jiselle Bascos, PTRP, PT, DPT has been in practice for over five years. She has experience in teaching in academic setting and working in a hospital-based setting. She is currently a clinician, working in the field of sports rehabilitation.

She has attended local seminars, workshops, and courses and has a great interest in sports rehabilitation and other musculoskeletal related management. She also recently gained her Doctor of Physical Therapy (Doctorate) degree.

In her practice, Dr. Jiselle treats athletes, active individuals, and general population with mostly sports- or work-related injuries. She works in a sports facility in Alabang.

Luis Torres


A sports physiotherapist and strength coach trained through the International Strength and Conditioning Institute. He specializes in Basketball and Raquet as well as Dual zone MFR, Dry needling and Sports tape.